Month: March 2015

Mike Tremblay March 26, 2015

With the release of the latest analysis from the King’s Fund (here), heightened attention is being paid to NHS performance. It may only be a coincidence that an election is looming in which the NHS may be an election puppet. The King’s Fund report includes in the title that it an assessment of the NHS […]

Mike Tremblay March 15, 2015

Political manifestos that promise to spend more money are failing to grapple with the powerful underlying forces at work in healthcare. Indeed, they may be ignoring these in order to score (cheap?) political points with voters. There is clear evidence of failure to use good practice, of time-wasting clinical workflow and excessive political and bureaucratic […]

Mike Tremblay March 11, 2015

The direction the NHS is now taking is evidence that some aspects of NHS performance arise from fundamental design flaws. The mistake was likely made in 1948 to separate healthcare and social care. Today, as care processes shift into the community and the early forces of consumerisation in healthcare emerge, the underlying separation logic is […]