Some results delivered

We work with clients across the healthcare and life sciences spectrum and have delivered these illustrative results:

  • developing a solution to the international trade in counterfeit prescription medicines
  • designing whole system, patient treatment pathways to identify ideal positioning of solutions (using Triple Aim and other methods) in areas such as neurology, cardiology, rehabilitation, psychiatry, oncology, hospital admission and discharge, case management, and healthcare workforce
  • developing novel insights into the future healthcare workforce
  • assessing the soundness of specific initiatives for reform in health policy and regulation, e.g. value identification and innovation for pricing of branded generics,
  • market access models using whole system analysis to identify determinants for value based pricing
  • value stream mapping, clinical work-flow for retail and clinical pharmacy, including supply chain features

The solutions flow from methods that provide structure to the meaning of the presenting challenges and the results to be obtained.