Dr Mike Tremblay

My expertise is in the management of healthcare systems; this includes management decision making, priority setting and the structure of patient journeys. I work with payers, hospitals, life sciences/pharmaceutical companies as well as governments and professional organisations.

I am also a research fellow at University of Kent (UK) in health services research.

I have extensive experience working with leaders in industry and government, working in often challenging circumstances, and writing for demanding clients. I write a few, well-cited papers as well as write readable and actionable reports for clients.

I have experience across a broad spectrum of clinical settings and on a wide range of health conditions including neurology, oncology, cardiology, psychiatry, rehabilitation, etc. on topics such as pain management, long term/chronic health, home care, nursing homes and programmes by industry in these areas, such as CPD, and support to payers. This also includes HTA, evidence generation and market access.

I have worked at McMaster University, including the teaching hospital Faculty of Health Sciences (now Hamilton Health Sciences) and worked on healthcare, government and industry challenges in over a dozen countries.

With colleagues, I founded Eden Communications Ltd to launch Living Health, the world’s first digital interactive television channel for health.

My doctorate is from the University of Toronto.

More detail is available upon request.