Activities, publications

Some publications

Colbaugh R, Glass K, Rudolf C, Tremblay M (2018) Robust ensemble learning to identify rare disease patients from electronic health records. IEEE preprint January. DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.19677.92645

Colbaugh, R., Glass, K., Rudolf, C., & Tremblay M (2018). Learning to Identify Rare Disease Patients from Electronic Health Records. AMIA Annual Symposium proceedings. AMIA, 2018, 340–347.

Houben E, Bakker M, Colbaugh R, Glass K, Rudolf C, Tremblay M, Herings RM (2018) Prediction model for identifying patients with lipodystrophy in electronic health records, Value in Health, 21:S375.

Building worldly insights: healthcare challenges in post-conflict countries and in small/island countries, Healthc Manage Forum. 2017, Jul;30(4):200-206.

Coward M, Crombie A, Joy M, Ream E, Tremblay M, Wilson P. (2016) Main Report: Primary care strategic workforce planning programme. University of Kent, University of Surrey for Health Education England Kent, Surrey, Sussex, UK.

Future Work, Future Workforce Foresight Delphi Study: Technical Report for the Primary care strategic workforce planning programme. University of Kent for Health Education England Kent, Surrey, Sussex, UK, 2016.

Medicines counterfeiting is a complex problem: a review of key challenges across the supply chain, Curr Drug Saf. 2013, 8(1):43-55. (est’d 19 citations)

Hudson M, Tremblay M (2012) Life science strategy for Malta, Government of Malta.

Liberating information: understanding the disruptive potential. Submission to the UK Department of Health, on ‘Liberating the NHS: An Information Revolution’ 2011.

Recommendation (2007)212 on e-health and democracy in the regions: Health for democratic participation and social inclusion in the regions, adopted by the Council of Europe Congress of Local and Regional Authorities, 27 September 2007. Advisor and author

Hutton J, McGrath C, Frybourg J-M, Tremblay M, Bramley-Harker E, Henshall C (2006) Framework for describing and classifying decision-making systems using technology assessment to determine the reimbursement of health technologies (fourth hurdle systems), International Journal of Technology Assessment in Health Care, 22(1):10-18. (est’d 122 citations)

Finding common ground: policy imperatives for Europe, in Peter Pitts (ed) Coincidence or crisis: prescription medicine counterfeiting, Stockholm Network, 2006. (est’d 1 citation)

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Recommendation (2004)17 of the Committee of Ministers to member states on the impact of information technologies on health care – the patient and Internet. Adopted by the Committee of Ministers, Council of Europe, 15 December 2004. Advisor and lead author

Exploding health care myths – the real threats to public health, British Journal of Healthcare Management 1999, 5(3):89-91.

Matheson K, Tremblay M (1996) The value of [clinical] assessments, National Association of Clinical Tutors, UK.

The patient’s experience of care, in M Thick (ed.), Telemedicine: risks and opportunities, Round Table Series 41, Royal Society of Medicine, UK, 1995.

Of confidence and identity: the doctor in management, in The new face of the NHS, Peter Spurgeon (ed.), Longman. 2Nd edition 1998. (est’d 3 citations)

Balancing accountability and authority: the new governance, British Journal of Healthcare Management 1996, 2(12): 669-673.

Consultancy Reports and Projects

Fake medicines and antibiotic resistance in Africa

Retail and branded generics business strategy

Commercialisation of research, King’s Health Partners Academic Health Sciences Centre, UK

Behavioural economics decision architecture in retail pharmacy in emerging economies

International comparison of the functions and sizes of ministries of health, Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, Ontario

Scoping technologies for pandemics, obesity and counterfeit medicines, Department of Health, UK

Not lost in translation: systems thinking for research and innovation, Department of Health, UK

Horizon scan of diagnostic technologies: technology push or treatment pull? Diagnostic Services Committee, Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, Ontario

LLHINs: Collaborative governance of Ontario’s healthcare system, Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, Ontario

Due diligence review of RAND Health proposal on research performance measurement, Department of Health, UK

Prediction modelling in healthcare, Department of Health, UK

The Pharmaceutical “safety chain” and the international trade in counterfeit medicines, Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry

Thinking beyond technology: finding the e-health winners, Submission to the House of Commons Health Committee on the use of new medical technologies

Digital errors, Submission to the National Patient Safety Agency, UK

Social implications of electronic prescribing, Department of Health, UK

Evaluation framework for COPD forecasting and supervision of research pilots conducted by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, between the NHS and Met Office, Department of Health, UK

Health policy and research issues of digital interactive television, Department of Health, UK

Feasibility study for an internet pharmacy, UK plc

The right of establishment of professionals in European law. Available from author

European competition law and public undertakings: implications for health policy and system restructuring. Available from author

Feasibility study for in-store health centres, UK plc

Age Concern England and Royal College of Nursing, Paying for nursing in nursing homes, a proposed payment model, Submission to the Royal Commission on Long Term Care

Portability of social security entitlements in Europe, University of Birmingham

Educational leaves of absence, 2 volumes, The Commission of Inquiry on Educational Leave and Productivity, Labour Canada

Clinical Topics

Clinical decision making in selected rare diseases (multi-country studies, various rare diseases)

  1. Clinical decision making and management of care in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (multi-country study).

2. Clinical decision making and management of care in ovarian cancer (multi-country study).

3. Clinical decision making and management of care in cardiovascular disease (multi-country study)

4. Determinants of decision making for hospital and ward-based medicine supply (multi-country study)

5. Organisational priorities for physical activity and human mobility

Hospital-based care management

  1. acute pain management performance guidelines and clinical decision making
  2. guidelines on reading levels, patient literacy
  3. patient-centred clinical service development, patient relations council
  4. staff lost time from back injuries: development of a poke-yoke patient life decision tool
  5. pharmacy: simulation of clinical pharmacy decision making
  6. physiotherapy: design of worker injury rehabilitation activities/industrial rehabilitation
  7. medical interns and residents: orientation to hospital clinical practices
  8. clinical teaching units: standards and practices to support clinical education
  9. clinical nutritionists: post-graduate specialist training support
  10. support to improve clinical decision making with specialist clinical teams: progressive developmental disorders/autism, occupational therapy, charge nurses, nurse preceptors, stroke rehabilitation, drug and alcohol addiction
  11. psychology: interagency referral system redesign for psychosocial counselling agencies
  12. psychiatry/psychotherapy: improving parent-therapy clinical performance
  13. Forecasting scenarios for future models of care for redevelopment of University Hospital Birmingham
  14. Performance review of services at St Peters Hospital and Ashford Hospital, North West Surrey Health Authority
  15. Strategic reconfiguration for primary care in Oxfordshire, Oxford Health Authority
  16. Making choices: social and health service commissioning, Wigan and Bolton Metropolitan Borough Councils, UK.
  17. Effective purchasing in South Western Region, NHS, UK.
  18. Effective purchasing in Wessex Region, NHS, UK.
  19. Performance review of admission and discharge at Oxford Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford Health Authority.
  20. Performance review of clinical services at the Horton General Hospital, NHS.
  21. Performance review of the interface of general practitioners and consultants in Diabetes and Orthopaedic Surgery, South Birmingham Health Authority.
  22. Strategic direction at a regional rehabilitation centre, University Hospital Birmingham

Decision Making

Behavioural economics in healthcare decision making

Payer decision making architectures and archetypes (multi-country work)

Are UK universities world-class? UK plc.

Regulation of the biotechnology industry in Europe, US company

Strategic purchasing of health professions education, NHS, UK

An outcomes-based accreditation approach to post-graduate medical and dental education, Post-Graduate Dean, University of Birmingham, UK

The knowledge-based (complex adaptive) organisation, NHS Executive, UK

Healthy ageing and natural death: health in the year 2010: modelling energy use in healthcare, National Power.

Developing a managed market: competition and planning in the NHS, NHS Trust Federation, UK.

Evaluation of the Manchester Business School Senior Executive Course for Consultants, NHS Executive, UK

Organisational performance and health markets: the application of game theory to healthcare purchasing, HSMC, University of Birmingham

Short Courses & Workshops

Future Workforce Horizon Scan and Models of Care in 2030, Health Education England

Behavioural Economics in Healthcare

Market Entry Strategy for Mobility and Physical Activity

Clinical Strategy, Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Foundation Trust

Integration of Dementia Services, North East London Foundation Trust

Healthcare and Physical Activity

Evidence Generation and Decision Making

Decision Architecture for Pharmaceutical Trade Strategy

Commercialisation of Research, King’s Health Partners, London

Innovation Workshop, 24 NHS hospital pharmacies

Commercialisation of Agri-Biotechnology Research, Agricultural Research Institute of Ontario, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, Canada

Policy Development and Analytical Thinking in Leadership and Development (LEADS), Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Revenue, Government of Ontario (Director-level civil servants)

Technology Forecasting and Future Pharmacy, Company Chemists Association, UK

Health Technology in Pharmacy, Company Chemists Association, UK

Enhancing Policy Competencies, Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services

Introduction to Policy, Cabinet Office, Government of Ontario (over 400 civil servants working in policy)

A Vision for Hospital Pharmacy, South East NHS hospital pharmacies

Governance, King’s Fund, London (with Tim Plumptre, Institute on Governance, Ottawa)

Professional Revalidation of Doctors, various post-graduate centres, UK (over 200 consultants attended these courses to implement GMC revalidation requirements)

Managing 360 degree appraisal: implementing and maintaining effective appraisal and feedback for doctors, UK

Assessment and Appraisal of Clinical Competence, various post-graduate centres organised by the National Association of Clinical Tutors (attended by over 500 consultants who supervise junior doctors in training and linked to General Medical Council revalidation)

Stepping Stones, Psychodynamic Executive Leadership Development, NHS (with Dr Lionel Stapley, Tavistock). (some participants have gone on to significant leadership roles)

Epidemic Modelling, Centre for Applied Microbiology Research, Porton Down

Investigative and exploratory workshop on the developmental needs of nurse consultants in the new NHS, RCN, sponsored conference workshop

Performance Assessment of Doctors and Dentists, National Association of Clinical Tutors

Strategy for a Changing Health Market, Johnson and Johnson

Market development strategies, Sanofi-Aventis, France

Clinical Tutoring in Medicine, NHS (with P Spurgeon, J Miller, D Slegg)

Human Resource Management Reform of Central Government, Government of Hungary with Government of France, and funded by the European Commission)

European Health Management, University of Birmingham (first such course on the subject of health policy making in the EU, held in Brussels)

Quality and Management, International Hospital Federation Summer School, University of Birmingham (attendees from over 40 countries)

Problem-Solving and Evaluation, Certificate in Hospital Management, Malta

Problem-Based Learning in Nursing and Midwifery, Shropshire and Staffordshire College of Nursing and Midwifery

Health and the European Institutions of Integration, Royal College of Nursing

Educational Leadership, Cambridge University

Local Authority Health and Social Care Purchasing, North Tyneside

Joint Commissioning of Health and Social Services, University of Birmingham

Reconfiguration of Health Service Infrastructure and Role of Independent Hospitals, Asturias, Spain

Trends in the Organisation of Healthcare, Asturias, Spain

Why People Come to Work: Attendance and Absenteeism, Ontario Hospital Association

Examples of workshop materials

Manuals, Workbooks

  • Medicines Pricing and Reimbursement, training modules
  • Clinical decision making in healthcare: analytical manual
  • Innovation opportunity development workbook
  • Strategic vision workbook
  • Strategy, performance and quality course manual
  • Decisional aspects of programme evaluation
  • Accreditation and contracting workbook

Cases and simulations of decision making

Win:win (negotiation)

When things go wrong (managing crises and stakeholders)

Rx, the clinical pharmacy (clinical pharmacy management)

The agency (case management in a community volunteer agency)

The healthcare game (hospital management decision-making)

The value game (clinical ethics and patient care)

Clinical performance assessment and appraisal

Clinical Tutor’s Case Book (20+ clinical cases)

Policy making and priority setting

  • The lead smelter
  • Brave new world of health reform
  • Purchasers and providers
  • Can health be planned?

Epidemiology and evidence informed decision making

  • The health of the nation
  • Life and death in the modern world

Management decision making and priority setting

  • The banks
  • Camelford reservoir
  • The clinical directorate

Conference presentations

Clinical Trial Cohort Identification using Machine Learning, Global Clinical Trials Connect, London, 2018

Implications of the Internet of Healthy Things for clinical work and the future of the health professions, Conference on Big Data, Clouds and the Internet of Things, Royal Society of Medicine, UK, 2016

Dark Data and Weakly Interacting Massive Providers: linking data in a world of fragmentation, Conference on Big Health Data: improving patient care. Royal Society of Medicine, UK, 2014

Governance of Academic Health Science Centres, European Foundation for Management Development Entrepreneurship Conference, Netherlands, 2012

Future Challenges for Entrepreneurs, European Foundation for Management Development Entrepreneurship Conference, France, 2010

Agricultural Innovation, Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, Ontario, 2010

E-health and Small Hospitals, Joint Policy Planning Committee, Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, Ontario, 2006

21st Century Health Care Terrorism: the perils of international drug counterfeiting. Pacific Research Institute, Washington DC, 2005

The Impact on Private Health Insurance of New Market Entrants in the UK’s NHS. Insurance Cover Conference, UK, 2004

Patient Mobility in Europe: implementing the EU High Level Reflection Process, Madariaga College of Europe Foundation, Belgium, 2004

European Cross-border Health Policy Round Table, Department of Health, UK, 2003

The Disruptive Influence of Electronic Prescribing on Healthcare Value Chains, Wholesale and Distribution in European Pharmaceuticals, UK, 2003

The Citizen is the Real Minister of Health, Nortelemed Conference, Tromso, Norway, 2002

Freedom of Information in Health, Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry, UK, 1998

Emerging Issues in Clinical Competence, (with Prof. G. Batstone), NACT, UK, 1998

Managing Risk, Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, UK, 1997

Changing Professional Boundaries in Healthcare, European Healthcare Management Association Annual Conference, Netherlands, 1997

Public/private partnerships: Working with Governments in Europe, Exporting Managed Care to Europe Conference, Washington, D.C. 1997

Who Owns the Public Interest in Health in the EU? London School of Economics, International Health Policy Forum, UK, 1997

Management and Future Ethics, European Healthcare Management Association Annual Conference, Portugal, 1996

Professional Competency, National Association of Clinical Tutors Conference, UK, 1996

International Perspectives on Accreditation, NAHAT, UK, 1995

Governance of Independent (Foundation) Hospitals, Spain, 1994

The Patient as the Healthcare Manager: Location-independent Care, Healthcare Futures to the Year 2010: A SCOPME (Standing Committee of Post Graduate Medical and Dental Education) Seminar, Department of Health, UK, 1994

Performance Assessment of Junior Doctors, National Association of Clinical Tutors, UK, 1994

Organisational Performance and Health Markets: game theory and the internal market in the NHS, Post-competency, The Competent Practitioner Conference. British Dietetic Association and the Dieticians’ Board, UK, 1991

Performance Management: velvet glove or iron fist? Ontario Dietetic Association, 1988

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