Organisationally, Cassis seeks to provide the best expertise first, without trainees, to ensure that your needs are met from day one, by drawing on an international network of specialists.

There is considerable expertise in managing consortia to meet client needs. This also ensures considerable value for money for the consultancy provided as the best expertise is provided from day one.

We have experience with how healthcare systems work including hospitals and academic health sciences centres, research and life sciences, health policy, regulation, and how payers and clinicians make decisions within whole systems of care. The focus is actionable strategic advice.

We’ve helped people design new hospital models of care, improve hospital performance, set tariffs for health and social care, develop quality criteria for care providers, assess the commerical development of health centres, or how pharmacies can be a centre of care in the community.

Some examples illustrative of capabilities include:

  1. whole system models of care (cancer, oncology, neurology, etc.) including performance metrics, clinical logic, funding flows and regulation; these involved specific analysis of countries from Europe, US, Canada and Asia/Pacific.
  2. decision making and priority setting to plan market access, or respond to health technology and evidence generation requirements; this includes understanding gated decision-making within regulatory and payer systems.
  3. the role academic health sciences centres have within the healthcare/life sciences ecosystem; conference presentation on work on governance and organisational arrangements for successful AHSCs, which also addressed issues of research translation and commercialistion.
  4. policy-relevant strategies for hospitals, payers, companies, governments in such areas as healthcare quality, performance, service development, research and technology commercialisation.
  5. designing a whole-country life science strategy to incentivise emergence of a new economic pillar.