Organisationally, Cassis seeks to provide the best expertise first to ensure that your needs are met from day one.

Our focus is on decision making as the core to all business and government activity, from setting priorities to choosing how to allocate resources. We believe that the world is sufficiently complex that yesterday’s solutions are unfit for today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.

Don’t drown in today’s or tomorrow’s world! Drowning Girl, Lichtenstein, 1963, MOMA collection

For instance

  1. market access analysis of whole system models of care (cancer, oncology, neurology, rare diseases, metabolic disorders, etc.).
  2. decision making and priority setting to plan market access.
  3. gated decision-making within regulatory and payer systems.
  4. the role academic health sciences centres and commercialisation of their research.
  5. strategies for hospitals, payers, companies, governments.