Mike Tremblay March 6, 2019

The relevance of value in establishing the positioning of medicines is the new normal for pharmaceutical marketing. Pharmaceutical companies have customers who are highly constrained by whether healthcare system funding is sustainable long term. Remember, payers think epidemiologically and in multiple years of costed care so industry needs to assess how that can be understood […]

Mike Tremblay January 15, 2019

The AI agenda is for me all about augmenting human reasoning; what I call cognology (cognitive focus) to distinguish from technology (physical focus). This is the core challenge to work flow and adoption. Here are some thoughts on the application of John Boyd’s OODA decision making from military decision making to healthcare decision making. Boyd […]

Mike Tremblay July 5, 2018

From the UK Guardian:┬áprivate healthcare providers. The research on comparative performance of for profit and not for profit healthcare providers is well developed, so it is surprising to see such a weak quality assessment about private providers in the NHS. The NHS is a very difficult customer for a number of reasons, primarily the glass […]

Mike Tremblay October 29, 2017

Dr Tim Oliver posted on the LSE Blog a thoughtful item on the various ways to understand the negotiation structure of Brexit [link to item] He puts forward four key ones, and what I want to do is briefly comment on each. Neoclassical Realism: This is about power relationships. The UK’s position within the EU […]

Mike Tremblay April 17, 2017

A central feature of any high performing healthcare system or organisation includes best practice in medicines use and management. As all aspects of healthcare are under varying degrees of financial stress these days, cost controls and appropriate use of medicines must support the highest standards of clinical practice and safe patient care. Medicines optimisation is […]

Mike Tremblay March 8, 2017

How can I be sure the medicine I take is genuine? Counterfeit medicines are a global problem, with trade in the billions of dollars. The World Health Organization estimates 8-10% of all drugs supplied globally are counterfeit. Counterfeits are a clear and present danger to human health. No country is immune from the risk. Fake […]

Mike Tremblay February 9, 2017

The King’s Fund, a UK health charity ran a scenario essay writing competition, and here is the link and of course congratulations to the winner: (winner, runner up and other scenarios, but not mine). My scenario builds on the notion of service unbundling and draws on strong and weak signals of changes likely to impact […]

Mike Tremblay January 19, 2017

Healthcare systems are often seen as requiring an economy of scale. This in part is a function of how prevalent diseases are, such that in some small countries they would have one case in 2 years, rather than one case per million of population. Healthcare technologies can be incredibly pricey; for instance, a proton therapy […]

Mike Tremblay June 28, 2016

While folks have been quick to jump on the results of the referendum as evidence of democracy at work, (and perhaps that is partly true), a few days later we see the consequences. Economic challenges anew, social discontent in the UK (racism and xenophobia legitimated by the exit vote) and political meltdown in the UK’s […]