Mike Tremblay September 4, 2014

Sir Andrew Dillon, the erstwhile leader of NICE as said that it is irrational for the Cancer Drug Fund to pay for drugs that NICE has turned down. He’s right of course, it is irrational. But only if NICE’s logic is compelling. The problem for Sir Andrew, and like-minded people, is that there is another […]

Mike Tremblay August 20, 2014

This report on the regulation of private hospitals in England from the Centre for Health and the Public Interest is important, but 15 years too late. The UK has had and continues to have a love/hate relationship with the private (or independent as it is termed) healthcare sector. This has created a significant fault line […]

Mike Tremblay June 18, 2014

The US-based Commonwealth Fund has released a new 11-country comparative ranking of health systems. Before the UK pops the champagne corks, let’s decode this ranking a little bit. Oh yes, before we also get too excited, rankings like this are useful only as a discusion tool. What does it say say operationally, if you had […]